Mixtape: Music Lately

A couple of weeks ago a friend asked if I’d like to be her plus one for a KEXP live in-studio performance. That would be a big huge YES! We saw Shearwater perform and they ended their set with a David Bowie song. Afterward, we went on a tour of the new digs at Seattle Center. I gave a little squeal of delight at the music library.


I was also pretty tickled by the artwork on the floor. Since I’m obsessed with colorwork patterns I take inspiration where I find it, like the floor.


This last Thursday night I ventured out way past my bedtime to attend the TacocaT record release party. The show was sold out (apparently Bernie Sanders introducing them as “the TacocaT band” sold some tickets). I also want to add that a motorcycle gang showed up to drink in the bar adjacent to the show floor and they looked pretty confused by girls in sparkle tops and boys in rompers. Maybe they’re really into pro-feminist music lyrics?


I’ll be honest, I like TacocaT but I LOVE Mommy Long Legs. They’ve got an i-don’t-care vibe that I find very appealing and makes me feel like I’m 23 again (ha). Their songs are completely irreverent and full of humor and get stuck in my head like nobody’s business.


That’s what’s happening on my mixtape lately. Whatcha listening to?



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