WIP: Volga

Projects seem to be sticking with me for long periods of time, lately. It used to be that a hat would be around for a day or two, a shawl for a week or two, a sweater for about a month. Timelines move and shift according to the rest of my life and there haven’t been a lot of “quick knits” in a while due to high work volume. Last weekend I cast on for Volga and it’s moving right along!


It helps that I attended a knitting retreat and had oodles of time to knit this one project. Volga is a shawl/cowl hybrid that I purchased during the giftalong sale in 2015 because I was intrigued by the shape and construction – think of it as a shawl with extended sides that are sewn together.


I’m using Hazel Knits Artisan Sock in Smolder that I picked up at Knit Fit! a couple years ago. The pattern calls for 700 yards of fingering weight yarn and the simple combination of stockinette and mesh lace is just right for social knitting.


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